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Ron Thompson

Athletics Builder- Inducted 2024

For over four decades, Ron Thompson’s unwavering dedication to coaching has shaped athletics, leaving a lasting impact on the Edmonton community and various track clubs. Notable among his successes is Marco Arop, the first Canadian male to win world gold in the 800m, a testament to Ron’s incredible ability to pick out exceptional athletes. Marco was a basketball player who Ron recruited at a high school mini-meet in 2016. Beyond individual achievements, Ron has mentored numerous athletes who have entered esteemed coaching positions at national and international levels.

Serving as a team coach at the University of Alberta and representing Team Alberta and Team Canada at national and international games, Ron consistently upholds a commitment to excellence. His influence extends beyond track and field; Ron’s contributions as a specialized sport performance trainer have benefited athletes across football, rugby, soccer, basketball, and hockey, with nine players in the NHL.

Throughout his extensive coaching career, Ron Thompson has been a beacon for the transformative power of sports, shaping the lives of his proteges and making a difference in the Alberta sports community.

Originally from Jamaica, Ron’s passion for athletics led him to Canada in 1978. His coaching journey began in Lloydminster, Alberta, where he founded the “Lloydminster Track and Field Club” (1981), now thriving as the “Split City Sonics” club. Ron’s commitment to developing talent was evident early on; within a year, eight students under his guidance competed at the Alberta provincial high school championships, with five pursuing longer careers in the sport.

Ron’s deep commitment to nurturing talent and championing the benefits of sport has been unwavering throughout his entire adult life. His empathetic mentoring style, coupled with vast technical expertise, has proven highly successful in shaping exceptional athletes and fostering a legacy of excellence in Alberta schools and clubs.