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Ken Hitchcock

Hockey Builder- Inducted 2024

Ken Hitchcock’s journey through the world of hockey has been marked by his dedication, commitment, and remarkable influence. With a significant portion of his life spent in Alberta and the rest wherever his coaching and ambassadorial talents were needed, Hitchcock has left an impression on the sport over the course of more than 50 years. His legacy extends far beyond coaching excellence, reflecting a commitment to fostering the game and uplifting those involved at every turn.

Committed to hockey development, Hitchcock's influence spans Alberta, Canada, and the globe. Not content with coaching alone, he's been instrumental in nurturing hockey growth in Indigenous communities across the province and organizing coaching clinics in countries like France, Norway, and Germany, epitomizing his commitment to hockey's expansion and empowerment.

Hitchcock's accolades are as impressive as his contributions. Inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame and the Hockey Alberta Hall of Fame, he holds the esteemed Order of Hockey in Canada and boasts the Jack Adams Award for NHL Coach of the Year in 2011.

His dedication to hockey's growth extends to grassroots initiatives. Hitchcock pioneered an elite hockey school in Calling Lake, offering an unparalleled experience to Indigenous youth and underscoring his commitment to inclusivity and community engagement.

A testament to his coaching prowess, Hitchcock has excelled at every level, from community coaching to Stanley Cup champion and Olympic gold medalist. His tenure with the Sherwood Park Midget AAA Chain Gang, accumulating a staggering 575-69 record, exemplifies his coaching excellence and leadership.

In the NHL, Hitchcock's tenure saw remarkable success, including a Stanley Cup championship with the Dallas Stars in 1999. His international coaching endeavors with Team Canada further solidify his legacy, with gold medals at the Olympics and the World Junior Championship, among other triumphs.

Ken Hitchcock's impact on hockey transcends borders and generations, embodying the essence of sportsmanship, mentorship, and excellence. His journey epitomizes a lifelong dedication to the game and its enduring power to unite and inspire.