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Julius Fodor

Handball Builder- Inducted 2024

Julius Fodor, from Szeged, Hungary, relocated to Edmonton, Alberta, in the early 1960s. Recognizing the absence of organized handball in the area, he spearheaded its establishment in 1963, laying the foundation for its popularity. His pivotal role in founding the “Edmonton International Handball Club” brought players from various European backgrounds to play handball together. Further introduction to several high schools proved instrumental in the sport’s local success. The “Edmonton Canucks” evolved drawing from this pool of Canadian-born players.

Fodor’s impact surpassed local boundaries: he played a crucial role in elevating handball’s profile provincially and nationally. Serving as a key figure in the Alberta Team Handball Federation, he championed its inclusion in prestigious events like the Alberta Winter Games and the Western Canada Games, while also nurturing youth handball development in multiple Alberta cities.

Nationally, Fodor co-founded the Canadian Team Handball Federation and contributed to the inception of the inaugural Canadian Championship of Handball in 1967. His influence extended to many provinces, especially Saskatchewan, where he played a pivotal role in the sport’s establishment. Fodor’s prowess as a player, coach, and administrator shone through numerous appearances in Alberta and Canadian Championships across various categories.

Internationally, Fodor’s contributions were equally significant. His participation in events like the 1968 World Championships in Sweden and the 1972 Olympic Qualifier in the USA emphasized his contributions on the global stage. Three of his athletes played at the 1976 Montreal Olympics. Notably, he played a central role in organizing the 1978 North American Championships, fostering international collaboration.

Julius Fodor’s tireless dedication to promoting and supporting handball in Alberta has left an indelible mark on the province’s appreciation of the sport. His enduring legacy resonates through generations of handball enthusiasts, cementing his status as a pioneering force in shaping the sport’s trajectory in Canada.