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Darwin Davidiuk

Curling Builder- Inducted 2024

Darwin Davidiuk is a dedicated advocate for curling, deeply committed to preserving its rich history. From the 1970s to throughout the 1990s, Darwin served as a board member and President for various curling clubs and associations in Alberta, representing Northern Alberta’s curling interests at provincial and national levels.

In addition to his administrative roles, Darwin coached students at Innisfree and McNally High Schools during the 1960s and guided high school Men’s and Women’s teams across rural Alberta and Edmonton, leading them to compete at Northern Alberta and provincial championships.

Competitively, Darwin excelled in curling until 1990, earning numerous zone berths in Northern Alberta in both high school and Men’s competitions. He earned respect from elite curlers and played alongside renowned figures, and Honoured Members, Hector Gervais and Matt Baldwin.

As a founding member and Vice President of the Northern Alberta Curling Championship Society (NACCS), Darwin played a pivotal role in organizing and managing championship curling events, supporting over 100 affiliated curling clubs in the region.

His leadership extended to major curling championships, serving as Vice Chair for Promotions and Sponsorship for several events, including the 1987, 1999, and 2005 Canadian Men’s Curling Championships. The 2005 Edmonton Brier set attendance and financial records that stand to this day.

Darwin’s efforts were also instrumental in promoting the 2007 Ford Men’s World Curling Championship and the 2009 Roar of the Rings – The Olympic Curling, both of which saw record-breaking attendance.

A dedicated historian of curling, Darwin led initiatives to preserve the sport’s legacy. He conducted research that documented championship victories and curated stories of curling legends, collaborating with Honoured Member Terry Jones to produce the publication, “World Capital of Curling”.

In recognition of his contributions, Darwin was inducted into the Governor General’s Curling Club in 2008, an honour reserved for individuals who have made significant contributions to curling across Canada. His passion for the sport and commitment to its legacy continue to inspire generations of curlers.