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Olds Grizzlys 1991-1994 Hockey Team

Hockey Team- Inducted 2023

The Taber Golden Suns moved to Olds and became the Grizzlys for the 1981-82 hockey season. In their 10th season in Olds, they won their first Alberta Junior Hockey League Championship, the first of three league championships in a row. The Olds Grizzlys remain as one of only two teams to win the AJHL Championship three years in a row in 1991-92, 1992-93, 1993-94. The roster was impressive, with seventeen players together for two of the championships, and six players on the roster for all three championships.

In the 1993-94 season, the Grizzlys finished first in the regular season with a 50-4-2 record, tied for eighth most wins in league history, and third overall for most goals with 353 in the fifty-six-game schedule. This team progressed past the AJHL championship to go on to win the Doyle Cup as well as the National Centennial Cup Championship. Many of the players went on to receive hockey scholarships and play for various Canadian and American colleges and universities. The team was coached and managed by Bob Clark, Chris Stewart, and Cliff Murphy for all three championships.

During the early 90s, the Olds Grizzlys played in front of a packed arena, with many fans following them on the road. At the time, the Town of Olds was the smallest community to host an AJHL team. The devotion to the Grizzlys remained strong in this generation of players, and when the team was facing challenges decades later a number of the players from this era came together and purchased the team to allow it to remain in Olds.


Roster 1991-1994 Olds Grizzlys

Aaron Zimmel, Josh Erdman, Darcey Dallas, Reo Lajeunesse, Mike McPhee, Geoff Liska, Clay Awe, Jason Mansoff, Gary Lebsack, Curtis Sheptak, Mark Wobick, Mark Ashlee, Trevor Tovell, Chad Nelson, Steve Opp, Tyler Graham, Colum Cavilla, Blair Kambietz, Dean Rambo, Eric Fulton, Jamie Price, Larry Moberg, Don Terpsma, Chad Dillabaugh, Joe Murphy, Peter Vandermeer, Joe Dvorak, Jeramie Hiestad, Marek Tatar, Brad Koopmans, Brett Fizzle, Jason Sinclair, Drew Ginther, Chad Sturrock, Mike Catrone, Ian Perkins, Ryan Ayley, Richard Parent, John Dlouhy, Jeff Greig, Greg Ambrose, Casson Masters, Sheldon Szmata, Kevin McDonald, Mike Skovira, John Pouzar, Dave Kirkpatrick, Danny Heilman, Tim Busch, Bob Clark, Chris Stewart, Cliff Murphy, Curtis Brandolini, Gary Vanhereweghe, Craig Reade, Bob Burnett, Tyler Wallace