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Wilf Brooks

Achievement Award - Inducted 2023

One of Wilf’s strongest assets in the community has been to use sport as a means for helping others achieve their goals.  Wilf has a passion for identifying community strengths and resources and leveraging these to benefit others. Often navigating from his position in the local business community, Brooks has invested his energy, knowledge, and enthusiasm into countless initiatives over the past 60 years. He has made a name for himself as a social entrepreneur truly believing in the power of “we, not me.”  

Wilf has spearheaded many amazing community sports initiatives such as safety and injury prevention programs which helped to ensure that children had proper helmets for any sport from hockey to cycling.  Brooks is well known for being one of the founders of Sport Central, a program designed to match gently used sports equipment with “Kids in need”. He was passionate that sports be accessible to everyone who wanted to participate. Another avenue in which he was able to do this was through the ‘Rink of Dreams’ project, which works with communities in need to find ways to build new outdoor rinks, or access ways and means to refurbish aging facilities

Brooks has given back to multitudes of sports and communities in the province, but none so much as the sport of hockey. Wilf was instrumental in the early founding and work of both Hockey Alberta and the Hockey Alberta Foundation. Wilf has supported the game of hockey through development from Pond to Pro and all levels in between

In spite of his many accomplishments and contributions to sport across the province, Wilf is not one to take credit and accept praise. He strongly feels that nothing is done alone, and it is through partnerships and teamwork that true change and success happen. Wilf believes that one of his greatest accomplishments was bringing the Sporting and Cycling Industry to the table to support our “Alberta Goals and Dreams."