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ACAC Founding Members

Pioneer Award- Inducted 2022

The Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference (ACAC) has enjoyed a rich and colorful history spanning over 55 years of contributions to the Alberta (and National) sport Landscape. Dr Gary Bowle, Garry Meadus, Allan Butte and Ben Brooks are the key individuals (Founding fathers) who in 1963 not only envisioned the bounty of benefits Alberta Student -athletes would enjoy from an organized post-secondary athletics conference but they took leadership roles and with hard work established the predecessor of the ACAC- the Western Inter-College Conference. The ACAC has grown to 18 member institutions and is regarded as the premier post-secondary athletic conference in Canada. They have won more titles and medals at CAA National Championships than any other Canadian Conference and are leaders in developing post-secondary athletics philosophy, policy, practice, structure and best practices. Some of the best coaches in Canadian sport have developed their craft within the ACAC and the ACAC athletes ,coaches, administrators, officials and leaders have exerted  an immeasurable impact on the development of sport within Alberta and Canada