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Robbie McNab

Achievement Award- Inducted 2022

Co-Head Coaches for the Cobras High School Football Cochrane since 1991 Bruce O’Neil and Robbie McNab have touched the lives of hundreds of players and families with their leadership, and volunteer spirit. Their approach to team building, stimulating skill development, promoting player confidence and fueling personal growth has generated success not only for the team but for each individual .Over their career they have prepared over 55 Cobra Football players to continue on to University teams across Canada and USA, 60+ players to JR Football and 6 CFL Players. They have also won 24 RVSD Football League Championships, 23 Divisional and 14 out of 16 Provincial Championships. Their coaching has inspired the students to not only learn how to play the sport but to take responsibility for their actions and proudly participate in their community. They also inspired players to volunteer, set up school functions and assist in community events. Many of the players they helped have gone on to become volunteer football coaches at their community, high school and post-secondary. Their impact on sport in the community, province and Canada is apparent in the many honours they have received, there is a family network spread out across Canada that feels connected because of Bruce O’Neil and Robbie McNab’s instruction and mentorship.