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Jason Zuback

Golf Achievement - Inducted 2002

Jason Zuback has earned international fame in the field of golf as the World Long Drive Champion, winning the title in 1996, 1997, 1998 and 1999, and placing second in 2000. Not only did Jason win the title four consecutive years, he is the only Canadian to ever win this prestigious event and holds twice as many titles as any one individual. Jason also finished first in the International Long Drive Competition in 2001. During Jason's first Long Drive Championship in 1996, he was the only competitor to hit two balls into the Extreme Zone (defined by any drive greater than 360 yards), with drives of 360 yards- 21 inches, and 364 yards. In 1997, Jason dominated every round of competition with drives of 401 yards, 415 yards, 410 yards, and 412 yards- 2 feet- 3.5 inches. Jason was the only competitor to hit drives in excess of 400 yards in every round of the competition and broke the previous finals record by more than 50 yards. During the 1998 championship, Jason responded in true championship form. With his final shot of the semi-final round, and last chance to qualify for the finals, he aired one straight down the middle into a stiff head wind, 367 yards - the longest drive of the championship. He won the championship round with drives of 353 yards, and two at 361 yards, the only competitor to hit three drives beyond the 360 yard mark during the competition. In 1999, Jason captured his fourth consecutive championship with a drive of 376 yards- 2 feet- 9.5 inches. He was the only competitor to exceed the 370-yard mark in three separate rounds, with preliminary round drives of 383 and 385 yards. Jason's unbelievable golf swing was clocked at a staggering 163 mph (PGA Tour average is 118 mph) and ball speed, recorded at 213 mph (PGA Tour average is 160 mph). His longest drive in competition is 463 yards and non-competition drive is 520 yards. As a youth, Jason was an all-round athlete playing baseball, hockey, football, badminton and golf. Jason was inducted into the City of Lethbridge Sports Hall of Fame in 1998 and was named Canada's Golf Personality of the Year by Canada's Golf Ranking Magazine for 2000.

After Induction

2003 - Long Drivers of America (LDA) Hall of Fame

2006 - RE/MAX World Long Drive Champion - His fifth title with 368 yards, 29".  He also had the longest drive of the night hitting 386 yards.

2015 – World Long Drive Masters Division Champion