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U Of C Dinosaurs Football Teams, Calgary 1983 / 1984 / 1985

Football Team - Inducted 2010

The University of Calgary Dinos football team won three consecutive Hardy Cup Championships from 1983 to 1985 (emblematic of the supremacy in Western Canadian University football) and two Vanier Cup Championships (National University Football title), a run that no other university team in Western Canada has experienced before or since.

The members of these teams have set the standard of excellence in Western Canada for university football; and, from their player ranks, they have contributed a new generation of coaches and administrators who have excelled at all levels of football in the Calgary area.

Twenty players from these teams eventually played professionally in the CFL.  Many of the players have remained actively involved in football either as coaches or clinicians.  The 1983-85 team members have remained active with the University of Calgary Dinos Fifth Quarter Alumni Association and enjoy giving their time and efforts back into the sport of football.



1983, 1984, 1985 U of C Dinosaurs

Jamie Armstead,  Jim Bailey,  Randy Bec,  Adrain Belcourt,  Steve Belway,  Brian Belway,  Jim Bender,  Randy Bergh (AC),  Dexton Blackstock,  Brent Bodtker,  Josh Borger,  Dave Boutilier,  Mike Boyles,  Rob Braden,  Bryan Brandford (A/AC), Dave Brown,  Wade Buteau,  Dale Butterwick (T), Gary Calhoun,  Paul Carson,  Daren Christoffersen,  Rick Coleman(AC), Peter Connellan(HC),  Richard Davies,  Mike Dean, Brian DeMug,  Shawn DeSantis,  Bruce Diemert,  Travis Dunkle,  Warren Ecker,  Dave Elliot,  Greg Farney,  Scott Fawcett (AC),  Dave Fordyce,  John Fowle (AM),  Rob Furlan,  Elio Geremia,  Bruno Geremia, Carl Gratton,  Randy Guy,  Richard Harderer,  Randy Halsted,  John Harvie,  Tom Higgins (AC),  Cam Hodgson,  Keith Holliday,  Steve Hudson,  Biaggio Iannace,  Cam Innes (AC),  Ian James,  Jeff Johanson,  Thom Kaake,  Dennis Kadatz* (AD),  Robert Kadman,  Tim Karbonik, Sean M Kelly,  Keith Kendal (AC),  Paul Kerber,  Peter Kokaritis,  Darcy Kopp,  Tim Kaskowich,  Chester Krala,  Scot Ladell,  Shane Laird,  Dean Lang,  Lew Lawrick,  Harvey Leder,  Shawn Lehman,  Al Leong (T),  Peter Logan (AC),  Rod MacLean,  Dennis Mahony,  Milan Marjanovic,  Dan Massey,  Brent Matich,  John Matile,  Richard Matiowsky,  Mitch Mazerolle,  Tim McAvoy,  John McCorquindale (AC),  Brian McCauley,  Mitch McElroy,  Mike McGinley,  Robbie McNab,  Darryl Mills, Rod Monden,  Mike Newans (M),  Doug Nyhoff,  Peter Ohler Jr.,  Peter Ohler Sr. (AC),  Darren Olsen, Carson Patterson,  Gary Peacock,  Darren Peterson, Doug Peterson,  Tim Petros,  Mark Petros,  Greg Phillips, Steve Pozzi, Rob Prodanovic,  Jeff Pronk,  Marcello Rapini,  Tyler Robinson,   Steve Rodehutskors*,  Scot Rose,  Jeff Sawchuk,  Kevin Schiiler,  Colin Sheedy,  Rob Simpson,  Mike Siroishka,  John Smith,  Bill Smith,  Tony Spoletini,  Tom Spoletini,  Joe Stambene,  Craig Steele,  Mark Steele, Jeff Suderman, Ken Szarka,  Trent Threadwell,  Kevin Thurm,  Kevin Tonak,  Lex Van Melson,  Greg Vavra , Aurelio Vuano,  Kent Warnock,  Greg Warnock, Craig Watson,  Steve Weins, Jim Wilkin, Shane Wylie (AC),  Ed Zarowny,  Bob Zerebecki,  Doug Zerr,  Rob Zimmerman

After Induction

Inducted again in 2018!

Eleven of the U of C Dinos 1983 to 1985 team’s players and coaching staff were inducted for a second time into the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame & Museum in 2018, with the Calgary Colts 1989 & 1990 Junior Football teams.

They are:  Randy Bec, Mike Dean, Elio Geremia, Randy Halsted, Sean M. Kelly, Keith Kendal, Paul Kerber, Steve Martin, Robbie McNab, Colin Sheedy and Rob Zimmerman.

Tom Spoletini and Tony Spoletini:

The Spoletini cousins Tom and Tony played for the CFL Calgary Stampeders football Team.  After their playing days were over, Tony and Tom, along with fellow Stamp Mike Palumbo,  started the popular Spolumbos Fine Foods & Deli.  Tom and Tony remained actively involved with the Dinos 5th Quarter. Their support for the U of C Dinos football program continued through the years.  In 2014, they had the thrill of seeing their sons play together on the Dinos team. Tom's son, Thomas played for five seasons with the team from 2009 to 2014.  Tony's son, Giancarlo made the team in 2014.

The Dinos football teams continued to have success on the field.