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Red Deer College Kings 1999/2000 - 2006/2007 Volleyball Teams

Volleyball Team - Inducted 2016

The Red Deer College Kings volleyball teams made Canadian College Athletic Association (CCAA) history when they won eight national championships in a row - the longest in CCAA history for any sport. This is even more amazing when you consider that most of the players were enrolled at RDC in two-year transfer programs. Head Coach Keith Hansen led the team to seven championships and Richard Schick guided the team in 2000-2001 while Hansen was on sabbatical. During the eight years, the Kings were 89-9 during regular season play, 23-0 in ACAC playoffs, and 24-0 at the CCAA playoffs.

One of the volleyball Kings' more notable championship victories came during the 2005-06 CCAA final in Quebec City.  To set a new record, the Kings had the extra challenge of going up against the hometown host, Limolilou Titans - who shared the record with them of six consecutive CCAA championships.  The Kings handled the pressure of a magnificent five-set match, an over-flow biased crowd, and the hometown announcer who led the cheers.

The 2002-03 edition may be the best college team of all time, as they won all of their matches against college competition.  They also beat Brigham Young University, who were NCAA Division 1 silver medalist, and won the University of Saskatchewan tournament with a victory in the final over the CIS bronze medalist, University of Saskatchewan. The Kings lost a tight five-set match against the University of Alberta, the CIS champions that season.

A number of the Kings went on to play full time with the National team: Gavin Schmitt, Nicholas Cundy, Brock Davidiuk, Mark Dodds, and Dallas Soonias. Joining the National B or Universiade team were Kelly Cherniwchan, Joey Martens, Tim Gourlay, Aaron Schulha and Tanner Nault Chaim Schalk made the Canadian Beach Volleyball team.  A number of the players became coaches and leaders in their communities or abroad.

Individual players and coaches were recipients of numerous awards: Nicholas Cundy, Joey Martins and Brock Davidiuk won CCAA Athlete of the Year for all sports, and Keith Hansen won CCAA Coach of the Year for all sports, twice.

When asked about the winning streak, Coach Hansen stated, "You work hard to create a tradition, to create expectations, create a behavior that represents your team and that is passed on by the players.  As a coach, you hold them to high standards but there's nothing as positive or powerful as players holding each other responsible.  The veterans did a great job of taking the young players and introducing them to the program and telling them what it means to be a King."

Excellence is measured over time - Once a King always a King.



1999-2007 Red Deer College Kings 

Curtis Anderson, Jeff Anderson (AC), Matt Anderson, Marcel Beatch, Brad Bell, Scott Bell, Matt Bennett, Kelly Cherniwchan, Nicholas Cundy, Brock Davidiuk, Marc Dickner, Mark Dodds, Paul Doef, Kurtis Dykstra, Cole Dzialkewich (T), Robert Ellis, Heather Fletcher (T), Sam Foon, Doug Gilbertson, Tim Gourlay, Mike Gustavson, Keith Hansen (HC) Matt Harris, Graham Heatherington, Blake Henwood, Dale Hildebrandt, Joel Huizing, Kris Inglis, Troy Jaggard, Matt Johnson, Matt Keller, Mac Kucharski, Pav Kucharski, Phil Lauranson (T), Spencer,Leiske, Chad Lemessurier, Cody Lockhart, Evan Lodewyk, Scott Luck (T), Darryl Magnusson, Craig Marshall, Joey Martins, Terence McMullen, Tanner Nault, Mike Pfeifer,  Trevor Pikkert (AC), Gilles Plouffe, Andrew Reed, Pierre Rocque, Adam Roth, Bob Rutt (AC), James Sangster, Chaim Schalk, Jaden Schalk, Seth Schalk, Richard Schick (HC), Gavin Schmitt, Aaron Schulha,  Peter Shaw, Jason Siebenga, Adam Sillery, Sean Smith, Terry Smyth (T), Dallas Soonias, Colin Tajanar, Andrew Tallas, Mark Tanigami, Ryan Taylor, Jody teBulte, Kevin Tennant (AC), Grahm Thain (AC), Lee Tipman (AC), Logan Tolsma, Jordan Turner, Jason Waddell, Talbot Walton (AC), Barrett Wenckowski, Scott Weninger, Aaron Yasinski

After Induction

2016 - Two members of the teams competed at the 2016 Summer Olympic Games. 

            Chaim Schalk competed in Beach Volleyball, and Gavin Schmidt competed on Canada's (court) volleyball team.

2017 - The Red Deer College Kings 1999/00 – 2006/07 eight Volleyball Teams were inducted into the ACAC Hall of Fame in May.