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1952 Edmonton Waterloo Mercurys Hockey Team

Hockey Team - Inducted 1968

The Edmonton Waterloo Mercurys were an outstanding hockey team from 1947 to 1952. In 1948-49, they won the Edmonton Journal Trophy, which is emblematic of the Western Canada Intermediate Championship.  Following their victory, the team was selected to represent Canada in the 1950 World Hockey Championships in London.  They toured Europe prior to the World Championships and won 36 exhibition games.  They went on to win the World Championship that year.  The excellent showing of the team earned them the opportunity to represent Canada at the 1952 Olympic Games in Oslo.  They made an exhibition tour of Europe before the Games started and won 42 hockey games.  The Edmonton Waterloo Mercurys won the gold medal at the 1952 Winter Olympic Games.

1952 Edmonton Waterloo Mercurys

George Abel*, Jack Davies*, Bill Dawe*, Bruce Dickson, Monty Ford* (T), Don Gauf*, Bill Gibson*, Ralph Hansch*, Lou Holmes*, Bob Meyers*, Dave Miller*, Eric Paterson*, Tom Pollock*, Al Purvis*, Gordon Robertson, Lou Secco*, Frank,Sullivan*, Bob Watt*

After Induction


The Mercurys were forgotten men for a long time.  The 1988 Calgary Olympics drew some attention to the men as Canada had not won the Olympic gold medal since 1952.  The Olympics then returned to Norway in 1998 - the place of the Mercury’s victory 42 years ago.  The team waited in anticipation thinking the timing may be right.  Still, there was no gold for the Canadian team.  Finally, in 2002, the Canadian Olympic Hockey team won the gold medal – 50 years after the Mercurys won theirs. Many of the Mercurys team members were interviewed and featured before and during the tournament.  A number of the players made the trip to Salt Lake City to cheer on the Canadian team and watch the games.  They said, “It was about time”.  For the Mercurys their recognition was long overdue and their 1952 victory became an important part of Canada’s hockey and Olympic history.

Five players from the 1952 team were also on the 1950 World Championship team:  Bob Davies, Bill Dawe, Don Gauf, Al Purvis and Bob Watt.

After the death of dealership owner James Christensen in 1953, six players ended up buying the car dealership.  

  • Al Purvis became a long-time owner.  

  • Bill Dawe was a partner and parts manager.  

  • Don Gauf had a dairy business and gave that up to become a partner and fleet/truck manager.  

  • Dave Miller  began his career with Waterloo Mercury in 1950 and became the Vice President and General Sales Manager.

Billy Gibson - from the Lethbridge area - spent 45 years in the automotive industry, mostly as a car salesperson with Beny Chev Olds. 

 Ralph Hansch was a firefighter - who sought and received permission from the City of Edmonton - to play for the Mercurys while they were on their extended trip away from Edmonton. 

Eric Patterson was a long-time employee with the City of Edmonton for 42 years as a machinist with ETS. He served for many years on the ATU local 569 executive board. Eric also served for 11 years on the WCB appeals commission.

Bob Watt was a home builder by trade.