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Edmonton Huskies Junior Football Teams 1962 / 1963 / 1964

Football Team - Inducted 2005

The Edmonton Huskies Junior Football Teams won three consecutive Canadian Championships in 1962, 1963, and 1964 and competed in the 1965 Canadian championship losing 2-1.  To date, no other Junior Football team in Canada has surpassed this accomplishment of three Championships in a row.  All three titles came against the Montreal Notre Dame Maple Leafs. Consistency of players, great leadership and a special bond among the players and staff contributed to the success of these teams. Eight team members played with all three Canadian Championship teams. Nine of the players went on to play in the Canadian Football League.

Other achievements of these three teams were: three-time Alberta Champions, three-time Alberta / British Columbia Champions, three-time Western Canada Champions, and three-time City of Edmonton Athletic Award winners.

In September 2002 the City of Edmonton renamed the Edmonton Huskies practice facility to be called the “Ron Forwick Field” in honour of a former teammate who played on all three winning teams and had passed away of cancer.

The players, coaches, and staff of this era continue to work as a team celebrating, fundraising, and supporting one another as a group. The special bond still exists after 40 years.



1962, 1963, 1964 Edmonton Huskies 

Terry Ayers*,  Ken Bailey,  Bob Bateman* (TM),  Ivan Bering (C),  Larry Bird,  Ross Bradford,  Dustin Brady, Don Brazeau,  Jim Brodie*,  Bruce Bryson (C),  Dick Bushell*,  Hart Catelon,  Ron Capham*,  Morley Chandler,  Harry Cogill,  Ed Crosby*,  Collin Cross*,  Garry Dake*, Ray Dallin, Bob Doige,  Jim Donlevy* (C),  Larry Dufrense , Steve Egbert,  Ross Flohr*,  Monty Ford* (T),  Ron Forwick*,  Don Fostvelt,  Don Gardner (EM),  Lorne Garner,  Dave Gilbert,  Peter Gilbert* , Al Gordichuk,  Don Green,  Don Hamilton* (GM),  Warren Hansen, Joe Hutton (C),  Lang Jameson,  Clare Johnson,  Victor Justick*,  Clarence Kachman,  Dennis Kadatz* (C),  Dave Kolbuc,  Sam Kravinchuk,  Len Luders,  Gordon Lund,  Tom Machan,  Kim MacKenzie,  Ian Macleod*,  Ron Malicky,  Ken Martin, Gil Mather, Gary McClain

Keith Mercer,  Roger Miller,  Bruce Mitchell,  Gary Nielsen,  Richard Osokin*,  Paul Precht,  Jerry Rairdan*,  Tony Rankel,  Ralph Rasmuson*,  Ro Riley,  Marv Roberts, Manley Sarnowsky,  Moe Shandro,  Dale Shirley,  Ron Shymka,  George Spanach,  John Steel,  Jon Sterling,  Bruce Switzer,  Bob Wanzel,  Glen Wheeler*,  Gord Willans,  Bill Wozniuk,  Don Yohemas

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