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Earl Samis

Multisport Builder - Inducted 1966 

Earl Samis received many awards for his outstanding contributions to Edmonton's sports programs for a period of fifty years. He was Edmonton's Sportsman of the Year and awarded the Canadian Amateur Hockey Award for his service to minor hockey. From 1918 to 1963, Earl Samis served hockey in coaching, managing, and executive capacities. He was the Secretary of the Edmonton Hockey League, Executive Officer and President of the Maple Leaf Athletic Club, and President and Executive Officer of the Edmonton and District Hockey Association. From 1942 to 1963, he was involved in soccer as Secretary-Treasurer of the Edmonton Football Association and the Alberta Football Association. He also was coach and manager of a junior football team. Earl Samis was involved in baseball as President of the Edmonton Senior Baseball League, the Big Seven Baseball League and Executive Officer of the Alberta Baseball Association.

After Induction

Passed Away 1970