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Broder’s Chinooks Basketball Teams

Pioneer Basketball Team - Inducted 2014

The Lethbridge Broder's Chinooks basketball team competed in Sr. "A" men's basketball.  They won four straight provincial championships from 1958/59 to 1961/62 and three Canadian Championships (Dominion Championship) in 1958/59, 1960/61 and 1961/62.  During their second national championship run in the best of five series, they were down 2-0.  They won the next three games which included three overtime periods in the fifth game.  They had a 75-game win streak against Canadian teams, and were highly competitive in American tournaments.

The Broder’s Chinooks evolved from the Southern Alberta Chinooks team that was formed in 1956-57.  The team became the Broder’s Chinooks in 1957-58 when Mr. Stan Broder became a major sponsor.  The Broder’s caught the attention of senior basketball fans in southern Alberta and across Canada for four years beginning with the 1958 team.  Many of the players came from Lethbridge and surrounding communities including Raymond and Magrath.  They played to full houses every night and were great ambassadors to the game wherever they travelled and competed.

While basketball was struggling in other parts of the province at the time, its stronghold remained in the southern part of the province.  The 1958-1961 winning teams helped provide coaches and players with a sense of pride.  They ventured out to be competitive in Alberta and pushed other communities to improve—which helped make the province a competitive force in Canadian basketball.  Following the success of the team’s season in 1961/62, the Canadian National team centered its operations in Lethbridge.  “This has left a continuing legacy in basketball for this area of Alberta, not only in Sr. Men’s basketball but for women, high school, college and university basketball.”

The team was inducted into the Lethbridge Sports Hall of Fame in 1985.


1952-1962 Borders Chinooks Basketball Team

Dean Bennett* [C], Harry Blacker, Bob Bradley, Harold Brown* [M], Don Doram, Bob Emery* [T], Glenn Ennis, Gord Fester*, Barry Forrest, Arne Frank, Gene Haag, Bob Hamilton* [C], Lloyd Harris, Tom Karren*, Art Kruger, Ken Larsen*, "Jack" (John Carl) Lilja*, Don McClain, Ev Nowlin, Wes Rice, Tom Sindlinger, Ray Stevenson*, Logan Tait*, Doug Terry*,  Al Tollestrup*, Pete Vanderhilt* [T],  Al West, Larry  West*