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Calgary Stampeders Football Team

Football Team - Inducted 2000

The Calgary Stampeders Football Team went undefeated in the 1948 season, including winning the Grey Cup on one of the most memorable and bizarre plays, the Sleeper Play, in football history. In Toronto, on November 27, 1948, the Calgary Stampeder defeated the Ottawa team 12-7. Despite being the only team in Canadian Football League history to play an entire season undefeated, they are also known for turning the Grey Cup into the national festival that it is today. The exploits of the 1948 Grey Cup, played in Toronto, resurrected the Grey Cup, which was nearly forgotten during World War II and made it into the biggest single-day sporting event in Canada.


1948 Calgary Stampeders

Dave Adams*,  Johnny Aguirre*,  Chuck Anderson*,  Harry Anderson*,  Dave Berry*,  Tom Brook* (P),  Norm Carter*, Chick Chikowsky*,  Jim Dobbin*,  Jack Grogan* (PP),  Ced Gyles,  Fritz Hanson*,  Norm Hill*,  Hood, Harry*,  Bert Iannone*,  Harry Irving*,  Cliff Kliewer*,  Normie Kwong*  Les Lear* (HC/player),  Bob Leatham*,  Rube Ludwig*,  Jack McGill*,  Archie McGillis*(M), Dr. Jim Mitchener*,  Rod Pantages*,  Frank Porteous*(T),  Bill Puller*,  Paul Rowe*,  Bill Sherriff (T/EM),  Rudy Singer*,  Keith Spaith*,  Woody Strode*,  Pete Thodos*,  Dave Tomlinson*,  Fred Wilmot*,  Bill Wusyk*

After Induction

1948 CalgaryStampeders - Fun Facts

Woody Strode was a decathlete,

James Mitchener (Inducted in 2000, Calgary Stampeders 1948 Football Team) passed away January 31, 2017.