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Hans Maciej

Tennis Builder - Inducted 2017

Hans Maciej joined the Mount Pleasant Tennis Club in Calgary in 1957/58.  As a member of their executive for 35 years, he helped with the revival of the club – both through membership and the facility.  In Calgary and throughout Alberta, he initiated a network of public tennis courts, facilities, and competitive opportunities.  He travelled the province, coaching and conducting clinics, working to re-popularize the game of tennis.  Hans pushed for the development of a permanent provincial tennis training facility, which became a reality on      May 15, 2016 with the opening of the Osten & Victor Alberta Tennis Centre in Calgary.  He was later named an Honourary Director of the facility.  Hans was also a founding member of CODA – the Calgary Olympic Development Association.

Hans’ contributions to the growth of tennis in Calgary were tremendous.  In 1971, he convinced the Mount Pleasant Tennis Club to convert their 40-year old red shale courts to hard service courts.  The change marked a milestone in the club's history, as it created a longer outdoor season, extended daytime playing hours, and allowed for various weather conditions.  Not only could more people play tennis, but it was more cost-effective and required less maintenance.

Another important contribution to tennis, Hans approached Calgary’s City Council and asked them to construct public tennis courts.  Through a pilot project, four tennis courts were built in Stanley Park.  Based on the project’s initial and immediate success, the council built additional tennis courts in other areas of the city.  Hans encouraged other towns and cities throughout Alberta to follow this model and since, many community associations have incorporated tennis courts into their recreational sites and facilities.

As President of the Calgary & District Lawn Tennis Association, he revived Calgary’s Interclub Tennis League.  He was involved with the formation of the Tennis Masters of Alberta (players 55+) which eventually integrated into Tennis Alberta.  He also organized and managed the tennis competition for the 1997 World Police/Fire Games that was held in Calgary.

Nationally, Hans was named an Honorary Treasurer of Tennis Canada from 1978 to 1983.  In 1979, he served as Manager of the Canadian Tennis Team at the Pan American Games in Puerto Rico.  In 1987, he was appointed Chairman of the Seniors Committee, which was responsible for the conduct and organization of Seniors Tennis in Canada and participation in international Seniors Tennis competitions.  Hans led the initiative to create a proper ranking system and procedure for the selection of players to the various age groups representing Canada at the annual ITF Seniors and Super-Seniors World Team Championships.  As a cost-saving measure, he split the Indoor National Championships into Eastern and Western Canada Nationals – a move that increased participation at both events.

Hans' contributions to sport were not limited to tennis.  For more than 50 years, he was also actively involved in soccer, track and field, skiing, and badminton as an athlete, coach, official, sports administrator, and volunteer. 

As a founding member of CODA, Hans worked to increase Olympic awareness in Alberta.  He left a legacy through CODA as a Manager Olympic ‘72, when he directed CODA’s Calgary/Banff area bid to host the 1972 Winter Olympics.  While the bid attempt was unsuccessful, it laid the foundation for the successful bid to host the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics.

Hans Maciej was named Tennis Canada's Volunteer Administrator of the Year in 1983.  He received the 1983 Alberta Achievement Award for his contribution to tennis, the 2005 Alberta Salute to Sports and Recreation Centennial medal, and the Tennis Canada's 2005 Distinguished Service Award.  In 2006, he was a Calgary Booster Club Athletic Leader Award recipient.