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Donald M. Lovo

Archery Builder - Inducted 1985

Donald Lovo won several Provincial and National Archery Championships. From 1962 to 1965, he was a member of Canada's Elite International level team. He served as both Vice President and President of the Federation of Canadian Archers. In 1968, Donald Lovo became the first Canadian to be recognized as an International Judge of Archery. He has been awarded the Federation Internationale Target Archers gold and silver plaquettes and was honoured as Air Canada's Official of the Year in 1984.

After Induction

Donald was called the father of International Judging in FITA.  He was an athlete, coach, instructor, and official, as a volunteer and executive member.  He worked to develop the sport of archery in Canada and around the world for more than 40 years.  He served in various executive positions at club, provincial, national and international levels.  He was FITA's First Vice President for several terms and chaired FITA's Judges Committee for 20 years.  Since the 1990's he taught Sport Development Seminars for more than fifty countries.  Donald received numerous honours including the FITA Bronze, Silver and Gold Plaquettes.  He is a member of the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame and Canada's Sports Hall of Fame.

For more than 30 years, Don has maintained his involvement in archery and sport in general in the following fields:

  • Development Missions in Asia, South America, Europe and Africa (South Africa, Egypt, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Kenya)

  • Conducted Coaching Seminars in Kenya, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Uganda, South Africa, Mexico, Romania, New Zealand, and several other countries

  • Course coordinator and lecturer for international Archery seminars in Poland, Spain, Greece, Turkey, France, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, China, Canada

  • Conducted International Judge Seminars in Yangon, Israel, Cuba, France, Great Britain

  • Chairman of first and third International Judge Seminar in Turkey

  • Organiser World Judge Conference (Canada)

  • Judge at Paralympic Games

  • Chairman of Judges (Olympic Games, South Asian Games, National Championships)

  • Technical Delegate for World Indoor and Outdoor Championships, Olympic Games, Pan-American Games, Oceanic Games, Caribbean Games, Canada Summer Games

  • Senior Technical Official in World Championships and Pan-American Games

  • International adviser to Organising Committees (Asian Games)

  • Chairman of Jury (Central American Games, Asian, African, America’s and Oceania Championships, World Championships, Asian Games, Asia Cup, Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games

  • Director of Competition (Asian Games)

  • FITA Council and Executive Committee Member

  • FITA First Vice President

  • Member of FITA Technical Development Committee and C&R Committee

  • Chairman of FITA Judges’ Committee and Field Committee

  • Senior Advisor to Canadian Federation of Archers (FCA) Official Committee

  • FCA Vice President and President

  • FCA Target Vice President and Rule Book Committee Chairman

  • Canadian Olympic Association Board of Director Member

  • World Team coach and manager

  • Canadian Team competitor and coach (World Target Championships in Sweden)

  • Elite Canadian archer and national team

  • Donald Lovo:  passed away May 30, 2006