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Margaret Crosland Berezowski

FIgure Skating Builder - Inducted 1983

Margaret Crosland Berezowski was the Canadian Junior Women's Figure Skating Champion in 1956.  She represented Canada and competed at the North American Figure Skating Championships and at the World Figure Skating Championships three times. She captured the Canadian Senior Women's Figure Skating Championships in 1958 and 1959. After attending the 1959 Canadian Olympic trials, she retired from competition. She retained her amateur standing and became a World/Olympic Figure Skating Judge and International Referee.  Margaret Berezowski judged the 1983 World Figure Skating Championships.

After Induction

Since Induction: Margaret Crosland Berezowski is known and recognized for her continued dedication to the development of skaters, coaches and judges. Margaret officiated internationally for more than 30 years. She was a judge at the Sarajevo Olympic Winter Games in 1984 and officiated at the Special Olympics in Reno Nevada. In 1977, Margaret chaired the first Alberta Skaters Development committee thus pursuing her dream of encouraging young Alberta skaters. She also served on the National Development committee. In her role as advisor, Margaret assisted many young skaters including Brian Pockar and Kurt Browning. Margaret occupied much of her time, conducting seminars for the purpose of training judges as well as skaters and coaches. Margaret remarried – last name is now Birdsell (Update – Feb. 25, 2010) “Legend of Skating” Margaret showed had a continued dedication to the development of skaters, which included Brian Pockar and Kurt Browning, and for conducting seminars for coaches and judges. The Alberta and Canadian Figure Skating Associations acknowledged her contribution to the sport, and she was honored by the Calgary Booster Club as an Athletic Leader. Margaret was recognized as a “Legend of Skating” at the opening of the Air Canada Centre in Toronto. More History: • After retiring from competition, Margaret graduated from the University of British Columbia • She became a world and Olympic figure skating judge as well as an International referee • She officiated internationally for more than 30 years.