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Luther “Lou” Goodwin

University Sports Builder - Inducted 1980

Lou Goodwin competed in a variety of sports as a youth. They included baseball, boxing, hockey, gymnastics, and track and field. He taught at two Calgary high schools during a seven year period where he was involved in coaching virtually every team. He moved to the University of Calgary where he taught classes and coached the Men's and Women's Volleyball and Basketball Teams. In 1959, Lou Goodwin became the Head of the Physical Education Department at the University of Calgary. He was the Dean of the Faculty from 1974 until 1977. Lou Goodwin was also a Director of the Calgary Booster Club for 25 years.

After Induction

The original wing of the University of Calgary’s Physical Education Complex was named in his honour in 1992.  They honoured him once again in 1995, when they inducted him into their Hall of Fame.  Since 1978, the Dr. Lou Goodwin Award has been presented annually to a University of Calgary student that plays on the Calgary Dinos football team.


1978 – Dr. Lou Goodwin award.  The award is sponsored by the Calgary Stampeder Football club in recognition of the historical contribution of Dr. Lou Goodwin.  The award is offered annually (still ongoing as of 2020 update) to a continuing full-time student in any faculty who is a member of the U of Calgary Dinos Football team. 

1984 – 1985:  Interim Athletic Director from December 1984 through June 1985.

1992 – U of C Physical Education Complex’s original wing was named in his honour

1995 – University of Calgary Hall of Fame

Passed away January 29, 1997