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Henry Viney

Bell Memorial - Inducted 1974

Henry Viney is known as the Dean of Canadian Sportscasters. In a career spanning more than four decades, the 'little man with the big cigar' has become nothing less than legendary. Henry Viney breathes sports, talks sports, and selflessly gives himself to his work and to his community.

Born September 3, 1910, Henry Viney first took a microphone in hand in 1932 with CJOC Lethbridge. In 1945, he started working at CFCN Calgary after serving five years with the instructional staff of the Canadian Army during WW11. Over the airwaves, Henry Viney enlightens and enrages listeners with profound, honest, and more often than not, jarring and controversial commentaries from Calgary and around the world. He has "described the fistic exploits of boxers such as Rocky Marciano, Jersey Joe Walcott, and Floyd Patterson." His sporting versatility and expertise has led him to Kentucky Derbies, Indy 500's, Olympic Games, Pan Am Games, Grey Cups, Stanley Cups and World Series. He has covered World Hockey, basketball, wrestling and soccer tournaments. Through all of this, he has never ignored Calgary's expanding amateur scene. He has seen more than 10,000 games of Fastball, Little League, junior and midget hockey.

After Induction

Henry Viney was inducted into the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame as a Builder in 1983.

Henry Viney passed away in 1980.