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Thomas W. “Tom” Moore

Bell Memorial - Inducted 1986

Tom Moore's contribution to amateur sport includes participation and administration, as well as newspaper reporting. His sports writing career spanned many decades in Calgary - from his first part-time job with the Calgary Herald in the late 1920s, to Sports Editor of the Albertan. He was an ardent reporter of amateur sport and freely gave of his spare time as an administrator, particularly in Calgary softball leagues. He was one of the first sports editors to handle rodeo on the sports pages. During his journalism career he produced many columns supporting Sunday sport and the easing of strict amateur rules.

Tom Moore covered the Edmonton Grads' international games, and he traveled with the Calgary Stampeders during the play-offs leading to their 1946 Allan Cup win. At the famous 1948 Calgary Stampeder Grey Cup, he wrote a 'Toronto Edition' of The Albertan that was given away on the streets of Toronto. For a short period of time, Chester Bell was Tom Moore's assistant at the Albertan.