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Logan Tait

Basketball, Raquetball Builder - Inducted 1988

Logan Tait identified the 1959 basketball season as being a highlight of his playing career when the Canadian National Team, of which he was the captain, beat the USSR team by nine points at the World Championships -- the only team to beat them in the tournament. He, along with several teammates of the Lethbridge Broders, represented Canada at the Manila Invitational, 1963 Pan American Games, and the 1963 World Championships. After a successful career as a basketball player, Logan Tait pursued a competitive career in racquetball where he won numerous medals in Provincial, Western Canadian, and National Championships. Altogether, he has won eleven National Championships in basketball or racquetball. He is a member of the Lethbridge Sports Hall of Fame.

After Induction

Logan is a two-time inductee into the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame. He was inducted in 2014 with the Broder’s Chinooks 1958/59 and 1961/62 Basketball Teams.

Logan passed away on November 28, 2016