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Enid Dowdle Pepper

Multisport Athlete - Inducted 1982

Enid Dowdle Pepper has been a keen competitor in basketball, track and field, bowling, tennis, curling, and golf. At the age of 23, she was honoured for her accomplishments when she was named the Outstanding Female Athlete of Cardston and District for the period between 1887 and 1950 and was also inducted into their Hall of Fame. She is best known for her skills as a basketball player whose career began in high school. She went on to become captain of the famed Cardston Shooting Stars who were Western Canadian Champions and also national finalists in 1948. Enid Dowdle Pepper won numerous titles and played in many championship competitions in basketball and in other sports for over forty years.

After Induction

In 1987 Enid Dowdle Pepper was named the Most Outstanding Female Athlete of the Century for Cardston and District (1887-1987). She was also named the Most Outstanding Athlete of Century (1900-1999) for Cardston and District.