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Phyllis Fitzgerald Loewen

Speed Skating Athlete - Inducted 1992

Phyllis Fitzgerald Loewen won her first championship in 1957 in the Alberta Speed Skating Association midget category. In 1970, at her last competitive meet, she set two Canadian indoor records -- one in the 880-yard competition, the other in the 440-yard event. She celebrated the end of her speed skating career with victories in four major events, including the one-mile and three-quarter-mile distances. In total, Phyllis Fitzgerald Loewen has won thirteen indoor and ten outdoor Canadian championships. She also has won five international championships. She has won three more indoor Canadian titles than outdoor; she broke nine of her eleven records on outdoor tracks. In 1964, she set four records, and her time of 19.3 seconds in the 220-yard outdoor event still stands today. Her five other outdoor records were set in 1968.