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Bill Powers

Bell Memorial - Inducted 2001

Bill Powers entered the world of media directly out of high school in 1961, working as a general reporter with the Edmonton Journal. In 1965, he moved to Calgary to join the newsroom staff of the Calgary Albertan as the Supreme Court reporter. When offered a free week off in exchange for covering the 1965 Canadian Figure Skating Championships, he reluctantly accepted the challenge. That challenge changed his life and since then, sports have been life to Bill Powers.

Bill Powers remained a sports reporter with the Calgary Albertan - his main beats being senior hockey and golf - until 1968 when he turned his talents to the electronic media and joined CKXL Radio. He stayed with CKXL Radio for almost eighteen years as the lone sports reporter covering every major sporting event in and around Calgary while handling daily morning and afternoon sportscasts. Bill Powers left CKXL in 1987 to pursue other interests, but by 1988, he was back in sports as the public relations and media coordinator for the Calgary Stampeder Football Club. However, the microphone beckoned, and by 1989, he joined CHQR Radio where, since 1991, he can be heard hosting the pre-game, half-time, and post-game shows for the Calgary Stampeders.

After Induction

Bill passed away on July 4, 2013.